You got the call, a friendly voice says, “You’re Hired!” However, the new job doesn’t have a local office and you will be working from home. Time to get that spare room or den reorganized, and ready for the fast paced work week that awaits.

When working from home, you have some added comforts that are not found in a commercial space. You can design your space to fit your individual needs. Make sure that this space is separate from other areas in your home, so that you can stay focused on job related tasks. Privacy is key when working from home. Finding that space where the door can be closed to keep out any unwanted noise or distractions.

When working from home you need to design a space that has plenty of storage, computer and phones capabilities, and good lighting. The space doesn’t need to be overly large, however it needs to be able to accommodate you and the duties you will be responsible for completing daily. Having a room that allows natural light to permeate through a window is the best source, but quality store lighting can work as well. Make sure to place lighting in the room so that is doesn’t cause any unwanted glare on screens and work surfaces.

When looking at colors and furnishings, stick with neutral, soft colors and fabrics that are durable. Pick furniture that is comfortable to sit in and desk heights that fit your individual needs. Compartments and storage containers can be used for organization as well as decor when placed correctly in the room. Try to find areas in the room to hide trash containers, shredders and printers. Keeping the work spaces decluttered and organized for daily use.

When designing your home office, use your individual taste to surround yourself with furnishing and accommodations that you desire. This space will become widely used and you need to feel comfortable inside this newly appointed room.